When you are building a home, you may get in a fix to choosing the finish on your wall. Plaster is the most common finishing material used in constructing a partition. It gives a smooth finish on your walls and is much more durable than others.

Popular Plastering Works:

Dry Lining and Wet Plastering are the two popular wall furnishing techniques which you can try. To select a particular finishing method, you should consider the structural factors of the home. Wet plastering is a finishing method popular among the experts of plastering in Ramsgate. However, dry lining is known for its ease of usage and faster installation.

Which Type of Plastering Should You Choose?

In this blog, you will get a comparison between the two plastering methods. You can know about their pros and cons and select one according to the needs of your walls.

Dry lining in Detail:

The plasterboards are modified into smaller sizes in dry lining and then mounted to a timber framing. A fibreglass mesh is used to join the fastening points and corners of the plasterboard. Usually, plasterers follow the joint and tape approach. However, sometimes they apply moist plaster to get a congruent end. Here are some benefits of dry lining:

  • It is easy to install, so you have to pay a reduced labour cost.
  • Dry lining is essential to establish a layer of insulation on the property.
  • The plasterboards for dry lining are made from non-toxic substances.
  • The dry lining has a lesser chance of forming cracks on the walls.

Features of Wet Plastering:

This is the most conventional process of plastering in properties. You can find it in various antique properties. The plaster is directly applied and levelled on the plasterboard in this process. Wet plastering is also known for its quality adhesive properties. It has a better resistance and is applied to finish the ceilings too. By choosing wet plastering, you can get the following benefits:

  • Wet plastering ensures added safety to the property as it is resistant to fire.
  • It is a stable form of plastering that can make your room soundproof.
  • If you want a neat and shiny finish on the property, you should try wet plastering.

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